Friday, January 14, 2011

Tips To Attend the Telephone Call

The telephone is one of the basic needs used in homes, offices and other institutions. We can contact everywhere using the telephone. We are receiving number of calls daily and it is very easy for us to speak on the telephone. It is an important duty to handle and answer the calls in any business or even at home. Suppose you are given the responsibility to attend the phone calls of the office of any business company, in this case you must have the ability to speak on phone with an excellent etiquette which is sometime very difficult to perform. Your way of talking on phone can affect your business dealings and other relationships. If you use polite language and talk with etiquettes, it will be helpful for the progress of the business and if harsh words will be used, it will affect the business very badly. Some of the tips to receive or attend the phone calls are given below:

· The styles used to attend the telephone calls in homes and offices must be different. To attend phone call at home say ‘Hello’ and introduce yourself with your name. If you receive calls other than your home you just tell your name and say ‘how may I help you?’

· You should always start your discussion with your introduction. This tip is also applied on the personal talk like with your friend. After introduction, you should request the caller for the details of call politely.

· If you receive a call of someone who likes to talk with someone who is not available at that time, you just simply reply ‘sorry’ and tell him that he is not available and ask ‘would you like to leave any message to him?’

· Listen to the caller attentively on the telephone. When you completely understand the details then ask him ‘how may I help you’.

· If you are waiting for an important call, while waiting you receive an unimportant call. You should explain the reason why don’t you talk to him and should not hold the telephone call more than a minute and request him to call back late.

· You should introduce yourself shortly before any conversations, if you are unknown to the caller.

· After all kinds of conversations between you and the caller, say the finishing words like ‘take care’ and ‘good bye’.

· If you yourself make a call, you should start with your short introduction before any kind of conversation.

· You should behave as you expect others to behave with you and never scream. If there is any error in the connection or unable to hear the caller’s voice. You should inform the caller about your problem and make sure that your voice is heard by the caller.

While making and receiving any kind of the telephone call you should have a pen and paper with you to write the important points of your discussion with the telephone caller. I hope these tips will help you in future for polite conversation on the telephone and this type attitude will attract your caller in making good relationship with you.